Marlene does


A Little About Me


I am a cosmetologist.   Yep, that’s my official title but I became a cosmetologist in a bit of a roundabout way.

I went to Birmingham-Southern College because that was what the child of a faculty member was supposed to do.  My mother was a voice teacher there but was an opera singer and a wonderful performer, so really, as the child of a “drama queen” and performer, who could blame me for falling in love with the dramatics and the chameleon-like opportunities that make-up and hair provide.  It simply came naturally to me.  Every time my mother bought me a doll, the doll got a mighty transformation, usually a Farrah Fawcett shag and some serious blue eyeshadow.

I loved my time in college but deep down I always knew I wanted to have a career in hair and make-up, so being an art major was the closest thing that B-SC could offer me.  Once I had taken all the classes that interested me, I finally confessed to my mother that I really, really wanted to do hair and make-up, and my mother, being a woman who had done her hair every color of the rainbow that was remotely acceptable in the USA,  was agreeable.  So off I went. I hit cosmetology school.

I always knew that I wanted to do hair and make-up for movies, film, video, photography, and whatever else this world had to offer.  I found the one woman in this whole town (at the time) who did that,  I went to her and begged for a job.  She was on a movie set when I graduated so I waited until her movie had finished production and began a short apprenticeship with her and continued to work in her salon for the following 9 years.

I loved it.

Even after a few detours in location, I still do.

I have been so lucky as to have had my name run across the screen at Sundance, I have had my work published on the front cover of a national magazine, and I have done the make-up and hair of a few celebrities.  I found great joy in that, however, I realized I find far more joy in creating relationships with my clients in the salon that I see regularly.  I have always said “Trust me, I don’t LONG to run my fingers through your hair.  I just enjoy knowing YOU.”   I truly do.

I love building relationships with my clients.  I love knowing that every few weeks I will be able to catch up with what has happened in the lives of people I genuinely care for.  I love having done this job long enough that I have begun to do three generations in one family.  I love having someone come sit in my chair and receive a service and leave feeling better.   How wonderful a job is that? 

I make people feel better about themselves. 

What more could I ask for in life?